RosettaCNC Software

The development team is pleased to announce RosettaCNC software version 1.8.6

Changelog da 1.8.5 a 1.8.6

  • Improved UI features:
    • Added G104 Motion Dynamics info in MDI panel.
    • Added User Outputs AUX report in Board Monitor User Outputs panel .
    • Current Tool/Slot and Offsets from # visible also if board not connected.
    • Added Right mouse click on Alarm icon to reset current alarms management.
    • Added automatically G-Code Editor focus when switch to G-Code Editor view.
    • Added resizing of G-Code Editor in Main View with buttons to Hide/Restore editor.
  • Improved GCode languange:
    • Added expression bitwise operation & for bitwise AND.
    • Added expression bitwise operation | for bitwise OR.
    • Added expression bitwise operation ^ for bitwise XOR.
    • Added new G100 P Aa Bb ... to call PLC internal functions.
    • Added new G101 P to group/ungroup axes from interpolator.
    • Added #5120: Interpolated/Grouped axes mask.
  • Improved start & resume macros:
  • Fixed Virtual Machine geometries displacement.
  • Fixed G38.x when tool H corrector is enabled.
  • Fixed dynamic instructions management.
  • Fixed F keys in ATC Management.
  • Fixed simulator toolpath creation.
  • Fixed issue with floating-point comparisons.
  • Fixed texts and translations.
  • Added new firmwares for Board-A/B 1.42:
    • Added G100 command support.
    • Added G101 command support.
    • Added management of analog inputs for spindle rpm, torque and ampere.
    • Fix inconsistent dynamic data during execution.
    • Changed Board-A/B OS to version 1.12.27:
      • Fixed target speed calculation in very small Bezier joint.

The software keeps free for who have a RosettaCNC board, otherwise it can be evaluated without restrictions for 45 days.

It can be installed with Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 10 both 32 and 64 bit.