RosettaCNC Board B

  • Power supply 24VDC
  • Max Absorption 10W
  • 6 axes
  • 32 digital inputs
  • 10 EXTRAS digital inputs
  • 32 digital outputs
  • 1 analog output
  • 4 MPG input
  • Handwheel interfacing
    • 6 axes selector
    • x1-x10-x100 selector
    • Emergency button
  • Axis control type: STEP/DIR.Up to 1MHz for each axis
  • 10/100MB Ethernet PC Communication
  • Temperature range 0°C to +50°C
  • IP20 Enclosure Protection Degree (as by EN-60529 rules)

RosettaCNC Board A is an ETHERNET motion controller that manage up to 6 interpolated axes. The ETHERNET communication port (instead of USB) ensures fast and secure transmission thanks to the Galvanic insulation and protocol.

The power supply is integrated and protected, the inputs and outputs are equipped with opto-insulator that guarantee, together with the metal container, an high resistance to electromagnetic noise.

The outputs are protected from short circuits and allow to connect directly inductive loads (relays or solenoid valves), without having to add external components. STEP/DIR control outputs are generated by a powerful FPGA that allows to reach 1MHz operating frequencies thus making it possible to use both step-by-step drives and servo drives.

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